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In fact, apart from technology if there is something else in which no country can close to Japan, then it is definitely their weird game shows. Japan has some of the most unique and weird sexual. Tags: japan japanese sexy girl wtf hot hottie strip game show awesome cute stupid dumb epic fail NEXT VIDEO Some Kids Just Aren t Meant to Play Sports! 415 Comments r/GameShowNSFW: A sub for NSFW game shows. Usually Japanese, but not necessarily. But before we begin, make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you will be the first to know when a new video arrives. Now check out these 10 Craziest Japanese Game Shows! 10. Boiling.

the tittle says it all. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Tags: Sexy Girl Japanese - Japanese game show. Location: New York, United States. Views: 31572 Replies: 10 Score: 0. link: link without replies: more; Biker Gets Hit, He Walks It Off. Skilled friend. A series of accidents due to ice occurred on the highway. BMW owner uses shit to extinguish a car fire. Road rage ends quickly. Store owner saves mom and 2 kids from a truck with break. So maybe it s a little unfair that we Americans keep pointing out how odd the Japanese can be regarding sexuality, especially considering the inspiration for their blurred moneyshotting, bug-eyed-cartoon-schoolgirl-loving, tentacle-centric proclivities doesn t come entirely from within. Watch SEXY CRAZY JAPANESE GAME SHOW - MAI DIRE BANZAI - video dailymotion - 2 men show on dailymotion.


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